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The Hilary Mantel Collection (комплект из 6 книг) Hilary Mantel

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Colette and Alison are unlikely cohorts: When they meet at a fair, Alison invites Colette at once to join her on the road as her personal assistant and companion. Troubles spiral out of control when the pair moves to a suburban wasteland in what was once the English countryside. It is not long before the place beyond black threatens to uproot their lives forever.

This is Hilary Mantel at her finest--insightful, darkly comic, unorthodox, and thrilling to read. In postwar rural England, Hilary Mantel grew up convinced that the most improbable of accomplishments, including "chivalry, horsemanship, and swordplay," were within her grasp.

Once married, however, she acquired a persistent pain that led to destructive drugs and patronizing psychiatry, ending in an ineffective but irrevocable surgery. There would be no children; in herself she found instead one novel, and then another.

He has come from Ireland to exhibit his size for money. Hilary Mantel tells of the fated convergence of Ireland and England. It was the year after Chappaquiddick, and all spring Carmel McBain had watery dreams about the disaster. Now she, Karina, and Julianne were escaping the dreary English countryside for a London University hall of residence. Interspersing accounts of her current position as a university student with recollections of her childhood and an ever difficult relationship with her longtime schoolmate Karina, Carmel reflects on a generation of girls desiring the power of men, but fearful of abandoning what is expected and proper.

When these bright but confused young women land in late s London, they are confronted with a slew of new preoccupations--sex, politics, food, and fertility--and a pointless grotesque tragedy of their own. Ralph and Anna Eldred are an exemplary couple, devoting themselves to doing good.

Thirty years ago as missionaries in Africa, the worst that could happen did. Shattered by their encounter with inexplicable evil, they returned to England, never to speak of it again. It is hilarious and nasty.

The malign cavortings of the ghosts who haunt Alison allow her childhood and youth to be revealed in horrible glimpses of abuse and humiliation. Just so, and by design. We get into their heads, but will not be allowed to feel with them; not Alison, with her immersion in the spirit world, nor Colette, with her utterly cold perceptiveness.

Gavin, the disappointing husband whom Colette has left, comes back to her years later, humbled and adoring: She looked at him and her heart was touched: This seems to me a strong and unsettling inclination of her fiction.

Several of her earlier novels have multiple viewpoints, but always in order to limit rather than extend our sympathies. He is made our calculating guide. He is observant and humorous but often only in his thoughts and, above all, unillusioned. He is an entirely novelistic creation. Mantel has been meticulous about her facts and dates, but the decision to make Cromwell our trusted protagonist is entirely a matter of fictional will.

Mantel brings it all to life in that historical present tense that has become common in literary fiction but has never been more cunningly deployed. The narration behaves as if outcomes are unknown. One of the best-known chapters in all British history is rendered provisional, as uncertain to the reader as it must have once been to its actors.

Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies are charged with the sense of danger. It is there in the gripping dialogue, a gift to dramatisers. Who could not relish the exchanges between Cromwell and Boleyn, with their probings and sallies of candour? Everyone knows the peril. Her dialogues are about power — about threat and struggle: Each of her novels is a new world, freshly imagined in a special language, but in every one the twists of human desire and fear are exactly charted.

History Biography Fiction Historical drama Television features. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? We British have long had a cultural resistance to confronting our history. Hilary Mantel changed that. Thomas More is the villain of Wolf Hall. But is he getting a raw deal?

The Catholic saint is portrayed by Hilary Mantel as a heartless enforcer of doctrine, but previous interpretations celebrated a man of principle living in dangerous times. Hilary Mantel, the disruptive and anarchic writer Suzanne Moore. The rise of Thomas Cromwell and his family life was superb. As for the other novels in the collection I really struggled to get into them and one by one ended up given up with them.

Bought as a present for my Mum and she is currently working her way through them all! Excellent value for money. Love her books and this was a marvellous opportunity to read through a lot. See all 21 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on 14 October Published on 12 June Published on 20 April Published on 5 April Published on 31 March Published on 13 March Published on 4 March Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.